greatest length

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great·est length

measurement from the cranial to caudal end of the embryo before folding, as during the third and early fourth weeks.
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TABLE 1 Measurements of Ludington, Michigan, Castoroides canadensis Right Dentary Length of tooth row 74mm Greatest length of lower molar II 18 mm Greatest length of lower molar III 16 mm Greatest length of mandibular symphasis 75 mm Greatest length, tip of jaw through condyloid process 202 mm Greatest length of alveolus I 22mm Greatest length of alveolus IV 22 mm Greatest width of alveolus I 26mm Greatest width of alveolus IV 18 mm
Measurements are 1, greatest length [1, 1]; 2, lateral length [2,-]; 3, mid-shaft width [3, 6]; 4, mid-shaft anteroposterior breadth [4, 7]; 5, proximal articular width [5, 2]; 6, proximal articular breadth [6, 3]; 7, width of magnum facet [7, 5]; 8, width of anterior unciform facet [8, -]; 8', width of posterior unciform facet [8', -]; 9, width of trapezoid facet [9, -]; 10, distal supra-articular width [10, 8]; 11, distal articular width [11, 9]; 12, anteroposterior breath of median ridge of trochlea [12, 11]; 13, least breadth of medical distal condyle [13, -]; 14, greatest breadth of medial distal condyle [14, 10]; 15, width plantar process [-, 4].
Hold the shoestring in a vertical position so that the weight hangs down and the string is at its greatest length.
Film Confusion The greatest length of time a woman has watched a film with her husband without asking stupid plot-related questions was achieved on 28 October 1990 by Mrs Ethel Brunswick, who sat down with her husband to watch The Ipcress File on TV.
Cranial measurements for this specimen are: greatest length of skull 188, condylobasal length 168, zygomatic breadth 132, height of cranium 68, interorbital breadth 38.
In the same way that Cavendish addresses her Observat ions upon Experimental Philosophy to what she refers to as "Modern Experimentall and Dioptrical Writers," here Cavendish mentions the experimental philosophers and the astronomers both first and at greatest length.
THE greatest length of time a woman has watched a film with her husband without asking a stupid plot-related question was achieved on October 28 1990, when Mrs Ethel Brunswick sat down with her husband to watch The Ipcress File.
That treated at greatest length is the myth of Orpheus, here a gifted but confused young man who descends into the underworld to obtain his deceased Eurydice ("a willow girl") from the bored gods of the dead, only to lose her when he is made nervous by the first ray of sunlight he sees as he climbs back up.
The goal of this arrangement is to leave in the GRAT as much appreciating and income-producing assets as possible for the greatest length of time, to increase the amount of property that will ultimately pass to the remainder beneficiaries.
Hollis concentrates on several representative women - Hild, AElffled and Leoba are treated at greatest length - drawing on letters, penitentials, history and hagiography to develop her thesis that the |post-Norman' decline in women's power and status was already substantially under way by the eighth century.
Once, in the winter of 1846, he surveyed the bottom of Walden ponds before the ice broke up and discovered, to his surprise, that the greatest depth of the pond was to be found not in the center, as he had expected, but at the intersection of the lines of greatest length and greatest width, which he obtained by measuring into the coves.

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