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Alternative oncology
A drought-adapted evergreen, the major component of which is nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA), which may be used to treat GI tumours, leukaemia and brain gliomas.

Herbal medicine
Chaparral was once used by Native American herbalists as an antiarthritic and antitussive (effects that have not been confirmed by modern herbalists), for diarrhoea and other GI complaints, and topically for wounds.
Chaparral causes cramping, nausea and vomiting.


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They haven't toppled into the greasewood or been shipped brick by brick to California.
Northwest proposes to construct a new 33-mile lateral that would tie the Greasewood and Meeker Hubs to Northwest's mainline near Sand Springs.
The javelina whirled and ran back to its partner, and they both froze behind a greasewood plant.
Through this binding open season, shippers can subscribe for existing Northwest Pipeline capacity paired with Colorado Hub Lateral capacity to move gas supplies from: 1) points north of Sand Springs on Northwest's mainline system to the Greasewood and Meeker hubs; or 2) from the Greasewood and Meeker hubs to delivery points near Ignacio, Colo.
20 PF06-20 Robert Christin Compressor upgrades at Blanco, (202) 298-1987 Conn Creek and Greasewood as component of Rockies Express 19 PF06-19 David Ingleby 77 mi.
Chamise, for example, has such a high oil content that it's nicknamed greasewood.
CCES has initiated a feasibility study to transport as much as 15 mmcfpd of gas via existing small-diameter pipelines to the Greasewood Hub.
The TransColorado mainline extends about 300 miles from the Greasewood Hub in Rio Blanco County, CO to the Blanco Hub near San Juan County, NM.
The TransColorado system extends approximately 298 miles from the Greasewood Hub in Colorado, to the Blanco Hub area with interconnects along the way with several major interstate systems.
The White River Hub pipeline would extend about 7 miles from Questar Pipeline's Greasewood, Colorado facilities to the nearby Enterprise Meeker natural gas processing complex.
TransColorado consists of approximately 292 miles of natural gas pipeline that extends from the Piceance Basin near the Greasewood Hub in Rio Blanco County, CO to the San Juan Basin near Blanco, NM.