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Grayer, who said he expects to move on to "professional life centered on entrepreneurial activity, investment and philanthropy," is being replaced by Andrew Rosen, who has been Kaplan's president and was formerly chief executive of Kaplan Higher Education.
Grayer is the average Upper East side four-year-old.
We are very excited to increase our ownership position in Organic Avenue," said Jonathan Grayer, chairman and CEO, Weld North.
Rebecca Marshall (Rabjohns LLP), Marilyn Peachey (Sir Richard's Hospice), Peter Grayer (Rabjohns), Liz Colesby (Talbots
Isiah Grayer, 13, was yesterday critical with severe head injuries.
This time around, a grayer Hoffman skids into the church parking lot in a 2005 Audi A6, flings open its sleek silver door and scrambles to keep his daughter from a wedding mistake.
This time the scenery is grayer, if more elaborately rendered, and the costumes are fussier.
We are very excited that Justin is joining the Weld North team," said Jonathan Grayer, Chairman and CEO, Weld North.
About The Ella Rose Collection: Founded by Cara Grayer Johnson, The Ella Rose Collection launched in 2007 as a collective of artisans and designers from South America.
As the population turns grayer, estate planners summoned procrastinators to tidy their affairs.
Nan has to ring her own mother for advicewhen Grayer develops a temperature of 104 while Mrs X is away at a spa with instructions not to be disturbed by anyone.
We are extremely excited to begin Weld North's expansion into the health and wellness category with this investment in Organic Avenue," said Jonathan Grayer, Chairman and CEO, Weld North.