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An instrument for determining the specific gravity or density of a liquid.
Synonym(s): areometer, gravimeter
[hydro- + G. mēron, measure]


(gră-vĭm′ĭ-tər, grā′və-mē′-)
1. See hydrometer.
2. An instrument used to measure variations in a gravitational field.

gra·vim′e·try (gră-vĭm′ĭ-trē, grə-) n.
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4 Table 4 Absolute gravity values measured by ZZG gravimeter.
Since calibration parameters determined for the G-65 gravimeter (Oja et al.
It was based on the determinations of absolute gravity values with a JILAg-5 gravimeter in 1995 as well as relative gravity connections with LCR (LaCoste&Romberg) G-type spring gravimeters.
The problem of increasing complexity in image, message filtering and observer-dependency at the higher levels of the Skeleton will continue to frustrate the search for a working, valuable, social-science gravimeter.
To understand what we did, one first needs to understand the working principles of the JILA gravimeter (Fig.
Concept of an induction-dynamic catapult for a ballistic laser gravimeter.
The altimeter readings were looped along with gravimeter reading to obtain fairly reliable height differences between base stations, thereby guaranteeing reasonably accurate elevation values for intermediates stations Maximum error in determining the height of any station by means of altimeters did not exceed 10 m Consequently, Bouguer anomaly value maximum error for any station due to the above height determination error was not expected to exceed 0.
The repulsive effect can also be measured by a sensitive gravimeter placed between M and the standing wave system.
Between 1954 and 1958 around 144 Worden relative gravimeter stations built up the new fundamental network of Spain (Lozano 1958).
This crystal was periodically checked against a 10 MHz rubidium standard, available as a part of a gravimeter system and tuned to within [10.
The survey was accomplished with four spring gravimeters, three LaCoste & Romberg and a digital Scintrex gravimeter.
The thermal degradation temperature, Td, of the pure components was measured in a thermal gravimeter analyzer, TGA, from Netcsh, model STA 409.