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An instrument for determining the specific gravity or density of a liquid.
Synonym(s): areometer, gravimeter
[hydro- + G. mēron, measure]


(gră-vĭm′ĭ-tər, grā′və-mē′-)
1. See hydrometer.
2. An instrument used to measure variations in a gravitational field.

gra·vim′e·try (gră-vĭm′ĭ-trē, grə-) n.
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Determination of the gravity acceleration at the Estonian stations Suurupi and Toravere with the absolute gravimeter FG5-220 in 2007, Geodeet 38/39: 16-27 (in Estonian).
In 2006 a number of gravity points along the roads were surveyed with a Scintrex CG-5 gravimeter.
Had I rushed to the library at some early point in the development of this cam-based absolute gravimeter, I might have come across--as I did later--Richard Phelan's Fundamentals of Mechanical Design [31] in which he states, "With few exceptions, the most convenient means for imparting a specific motion to a member is by means of a cam-and-follower mechanism.
In processing data obtained during the relative gravimetric survey, we considered the influence of air pressure, the movement of Poles and short-time gravimeter drift influence.
The extent of the gravity field using a gravimeter,
Contract notice: Acquisition of a portable absolute gravimeter and associated benefits.
Announcement of competition: Procurement of portable Absolute gravimeter
Three complete buildings will also be delivered: a railway station of approximately 190 mA, a gravimeter building of approximately 36 mA and an instrument building of approximately 20 mA - these have normal execution.
Public supply contract by open tender for a gravimeter and accessories for measuring temporal variations of gravity.
Public procurement of digital to Acquire gravimeter and positioning device to support work done by a laser scanner and for doing environmental research.
In the run up to Julys eclipse, Chinese researchers have prepared eight gravimeters and two pendulums spread across six monitoring sites.
Indeed, some laboratory devices, such as interferometers and gravimeters, have already begun to incorporate the new technology (SN: 8/8/98, p.