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Morbid and excessive impulse to write.
[grapho- + G. mania, insanity]
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But games with oneself are always unsuccessful, and even the corps of corpses possessed with graphomania can't be much help here.
Who among us can know whether what may seem today to be marginal graphomania might not one day appear to our descendants as the most substantial thing written in our time?
Whatever the personal cost, Vollmann's graphomania foregrounds what it means to be prolific in an age when most people will devote only so much of their leisure time to reading.
In addition to volumes by our greatest twentieth-century poets, various sorts of graphomania are also finding their way freely into print.
Doing so, we enjoy the beauty of the picture without the sweat of generating it, with looking thus offering passive catharsis for syntax overload, a pleasant day trip to the pandemonium of graphomania.