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Having a surface covered with granules.
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The morphology of follicles was well preserved in the DCV7 and the cytoplasm of the secondary follicles and oocytes was normal and also the granulose layers and the ca interna and externa were intact and firmly attached to the related basement membranes.
nicklesi), but they all have a tegmental sculpture that is mainly smooth or finely granulose.
In several studies, it was established that MSCs secrete cytokines in vitro (21-22) including vascular endothelial growth factor, insulin-like growth factor -1 and human growth factor; in addition, MSCs inhibits chemotherapy-induced apoptosis of granulose cells in vitro (23) by up-regulating Bcl-2 protein and cytokines.
Lateral infra-median carinae on I, granulose and complete; on II with few granules posteriorly, and on III-IV obsolete.
Once this occurs, the ovarian granulose cells produce progesterone for about 14 days but involute thereafter unless pregnancy is established.
Diagnosis: Body rather strongly sclerotised and in some species even granulose, variably with denser microtomentum or more shiny, despite presence of some microtomentum.
PAS reaction was positive in ZP, basement membrane of granulose cells, stroma of follicles, the follicular fluid and granulosa cells of AFs.
Also, it was shown that the electromagnetic field with 33 Hz frequency, causing severe damage in the antrum structure and also reduction of free estradiol and DNA synthesis in granulose cells of these follicles that may the field cause reproductive failure by reducing the ability of mature follicles [23].
The creation of an artificial ovary marks the first time researchers have successfully created a three-dimensional environment that contains the three main types of ovarian cells: theca cells, granulose cells, and the eggs or oocytes.
Previous studies indicated that the epiregulin, as well as the betacellulin, were induced by LH in granulose cells and then, via a paracrine mechanism, activated EGF receptor (EGFR) present in cultured murine COCs (Pakarainen et al.
48 times carapace length; anterior and superciliary carinae continuous, strong, granulose; anterior margin of carapace straight, rimmed with row of coarse granules, with < 10 macrosetae; linear array of 3-5 lateral eyes on each side, bordered with row of granules; central median carinae moderate, granulose; central lateral and posterior median carinae strong, granulose, fused into continuous keel; posterior margin of carapace rimmed with continuous row of granules, joined to posterior median carinae; lateral flanks of carapace steeply sloped; intercarinal areas studded with varying coarse to fine granulation.