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In the large follicles (>300 [micro]m), DHEA treatment induced a decrease of theca and granulosa cells layers thickness, irrespective of other hormonal administration (Table 4).
Targeted disruption of Pten in ovarian granulosa cells enhances ovulation and extends the life span of luteal cells.
Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene potentiates the effect of protein kinase A pathway activators on progesterone synthesis in cultured porcine granulosa cells.
4] production by hen granulosa cells in vitro, the effect has been examined by short-term culture system in floating condition of cells.
In vitro exposure of porcine granulosa cells to the phytoestrogens genistein and daidzein: Effects on the biosynthesis of reproductive steroid hormones.
However, little is known about the specific functions of miRNAs in bovine granulosa cells (bGCs).
In vitro development of growing oocytes from fetal mouse oocytes: stage-specific regulation by stem cell factor and granulosa cells.
This was presumably because androgens targeted granulosa cells where they initiated follicular growth and maturation and enhanced the number of follicles at various other stages of development.
1999), we found that in a 1:1 co-expression of mER[beta]2 and mER[beta]1 in HepG2 cells, which represents the levels found in ovarian granulosa cells, the transactivation activity of mER[beta]2 and mER[beta]1 is significantly reduced compared to that of mER[beta]1 alone.
In vitro, high concentration of prolactin equivalent to those seen in lactation, inhibit progesterone production by human granulosa cells even in the presence of high FSH and LH.
Previous studies demonstrated that IL-1 system components have several sites of synthesis in the ovary, such as the oocyte, theca, and granulosa cells (Sirotkin, 2011).
Difference between the primordial and primary follicles is determined by layers of granulosa cells surrounding oocytes, with one layer in primordial follicles and multiple layers of cuboid granulosa cells in primary follicles.