granuloma gravidarum

gran·u·lo·ma grav·i·da'r·um

a pyogenic granuloma developing on the gingiva during pregnancy; thought to be related to hormonally altered response of the oral mucous membranes to local irritants such as bacterial plaque on adjacent teeth.
Synonym(s): pregnancy tumor

gran·u·lo·ma grav·i·da·rum

(granyū-lōmă gravi-dārŭm)
Pyogenic granuloma developing on gingiva during pregnancy.
Synonym(s): pregnancy tumor.
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Although this type of lesion is often referred to as a granuloma gravidarum or a bleeding polypus of pregnancy, histologically this lesion is a pyogenic granuloma.
A case of giant nasal pyogenic granuloma gravidarum.
2) The terms pregnancy tumor and granuloma gravidarum have been used for this lesion due to its association with pregnancy.