granuloma gravidarum

gran·u·lo·ma grav·i·da'r·um

a pyogenic granuloma developing on the gingiva during pregnancy; thought to be related to hormonally altered response of the oral mucous membranes to local irritants such as bacterial plaque on adjacent teeth.
Synonym(s): pregnancy tumor

gran·u·lo·ma grav·i·da·rum

(granyū-lōmă gravi-dārŭm)
Pyogenic granuloma developing on gingiva during pregnancy.
Synonym(s): pregnancy tumor.
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Pathology demonstrated pyogenic granuloma, which in this clinical setting is compatible with granuloma gravidarum.
Granuloma gravidarum is a rapidly growing, benign, fibrovascular lesion with extensive endothelial proliferation.
Nasal granuloma gravidarum lesions appear as well-defined masses with soft-tissue attenuation on CT and T2 hyperintensity and T1 hypointensity on magnetic resonance imaging.
A case of giant nasal pyogenic granuloma gravidarum.
2) The terms pregnancy tumor and granuloma gravidarum have been used for this lesion due to its association with pregnancy.
Although this type of lesion is often referred to as a granuloma gravidarum or a bleeding polypus of pregnancy, histologically this lesion is a pyogenic granuloma.