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A popular term for a person who is earthy, extremely health-conscious, and obsessive about natural food
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He had hid under the dead horse for a long time, peeping out furtively across the common.
He was turned aside by the fire, and hid among some almost scorching heaps of broken wall as one of the Martian giants returned.
Presently, as he passed through a clump of bushes, he came to the edge of a low cliff and saw upon a ledge some fifteen feet below him a German soldier prone behind an embankment of loose rock and leafy boughs that hid him from the view of the British lines.
Through the slits in the grotesque mask she could see his eyes upon her and she guessed the sardonic smile that the mask hid.
While you lay in the swoon of terror I took it from your harness and hid it among the sleeping silks upon the couch of O-Mai.
He hauled the rope up and hid it, and before he went away called down to me a cheerful parting.
When Biedenbach, the German terrorist, hid with us some time later, he installed a smoke-consuming device that enabled us to sit by crackling wood fires on winter nights.
So he hid it under the boughs of the sleeping poplar tree.
Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.
It would have been miserable for you to be alone," she said, and lifting her hands which hid her cheeks flushing with pleasure, twisted her coil of hair on the nape of her neck and pinned it there.
Accordingly I hid myself in some thick underwood, determining to devote the ensuing hours to reflection on my situation.
A part of its orb was at length hid, and I waved my brand; it sank, and with a loud scream I fired the straw, and heath, and bushes, which I had collected.