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It is this grandiosity that explains why, even as the research world has moved to molecular neuroscience, NIMH continues to fund research projects such as "Sentence Processing in Japanese and English" ($68,208), "Peer Rejection of Girls" ($505,862), and "Adolescent Romantic Relationships and Their Development" ($200,693).
Debut album from this much talked-up trio who ambitiously recruit the Kick Horns, the John Altman Orchestra and the Metropolitan Strings in an attempt to establish a lush grandiosity to their music.
Despite some flashes of grandiosity in her given name, Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong came across in concert Thursday night as the antidiva and was all the more charming because of it.
Euphoric mania was characterized by elevated mood and grandiosity, with negative loading for depression, guilt, suicidality, somatic concern, tension, and anxiety.
When stood side by side with Gary Barlow-penned epics including The Flood and Rule The World, tracks such as Stars and Carnival, for all their grandiosity and massive pop hooks, just sounded more like weaker copies.
Traits common in psychotic and schizophrenic patients, such as delusions of grandiosity, persecution and religion, are very common in dreams.
I tend to grandiosity and absurdity, petulance and pride, when my work is challenged" Rock star Pete Townshend "I'm getting old, but it's unreal.
I wanted "grandeur," and grandiosity was not an acceptable substitute.
A IT can be very very rewarding, if you feel that it is genuinely meant and hasn't been given erroneously - although, in the endless struggle of grandiosity and humility, anyone in the public has to keep on returning back to a sense of absurdity.
But with its collective eyes fixed on the promises of monumental grandiosity, the CRA is obviously blind to red flags -- as well as its core mission.
Nearly 25 million copies later, the irony of Boston being castigated by critics for the grandiosity of its production is a last laugh enjoyed by Scholz and his principal collaborator, vocalist Brad Delp.
Look past the fondness for foliage and the great outdoors, though, and the quintet are capable of crafting the kind of slow-burning grandiosity which made Spiritualized critics' favourites.