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setting a numerical value, e.g. body condition scoring.

clinical sign grading
giving a value to a clinical sign so that its relative importance in the diagnosis of a particular disease is given its appropriate weighting, a matter of some significance in computer-assisted diagnosis. The numerical value for a particular clinical sign may well vary widely for different diseases.

Patient discussion about grading

Q. is there any way to grade and categorized the toughness of each kind of Autism?

A. evaluation of autism is a complicated job. here are pamphlets that will give you an idea:

Q. how do i grade the severeness of my asthma? is there like a common scale for it?

A. Yes, it's graded according to the frequency of the day-time (from 2 days in a week to continuous symptoms) and night time (from 2 nights per month to every night) symptoms. The more frequent the disease, the more aggressive the treatment is.

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