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1. Slender; denoting a thin or slender structure.
2. Synonym(s): gracilis (muscle)


the most superficial of the five medial femoral muscles. It is a thin, flattened muscle that is broad proximally and narrow distally. It functions to adduct the thigh and flex the leg and to assist in the medial rotation of the leg after it is flexed. Compare adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus, obturator externus.
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Gracilis muscle


A long slender muscle lying on the inner side of the thigh.


medial thigh muscle
  • origin lower half of body of pubis and anterior inferior pubic ramus

  • insertion upper part of medial surface of tibia, posterior to tendon of sartorius

  • nerve supply anterior branch of obturator nerve

  • action knee joint flexion; medial leg rotation when knee is flexed

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Thus, measuring the diameter of the semitendinosis and gracilis tendons and patellar width on MRI should give an accurate prediction of actual intraoperative sizes of these anatomic structures.
To date, no member of Lansbury's Ranatra gracilis species group has been recorded from Burma, although two other members of this species group occur in adjacent geographic areas, with R gracilis Dallas recorded from Thailand and Bhutan, and R distanti Montandon from the Nicobar Islands (Lansbury, 1972).
Euglena gracilis stock cultures from which students will inoculate their own cultures
gracilis at the southern extreme of the Texas panhandle (Fig.
gracilis through either the polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis or species-specific primers that amplify different size fragments in a multiplex reaction.
In Estonia, the Kukruse Regional Stage has been considered roughly coeval with the Nemagraptus gracilis Biozone [12].
Xorilbia gracilis lacks the lamelliform ridge on the fixed chelal finger that is characteristic of X.
Bouteloua gracilis (19 % cover) and Carex filifolia (15 % cover) were the dominant graminoids at the site, while Yucca glauca (1% cover) and Artemisia frigida (1% cover) were the most frequent forbs.
We've selected the variegated foliage and pink flowers of the butterfly bush, buddleia Harlequin, the purple cistus Purpureus, the white-flowered cotoneaster decorus, the graceful white flowers of deutzia Gracilis, and the red-berried pyracantha Mohave.
gracilis experiences habitat temperatures right at the edge of its thermal range," Stillman observes.
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If the large- flowered cultivars don't appeal,look out for the gracilis types, whose flowers are smaller but more profuse.