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1. Slender; denoting a thin or slender structure.
2. Synonym(s): gracilis (muscle)


the most superficial of the five medial femoral muscles. It is a thin, flattened muscle that is broad proximally and narrow distally. It functions to adduct the thigh and flex the leg and to assist in the medial rotation of the leg after it is flexed. Compare adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus, obturator externus.
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Gracilis muscle


A long slender muscle lying on the inner side of the thigh.


medial thigh muscle
  • origin lower half of body of pubis and anterior inferior pubic ramus

  • insertion upper part of medial surface of tibia, posterior to tendon of sartorius

  • nerve supply anterior branch of obturator nerve

  • action knee joint flexion; medial leg rotation when knee is flexed

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