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Rift Valley,

section of Kenya where the virus was first discovered in the 1900's.
Rift Valley virus - a virus of the genus Phlebovirus that occurs in central and southern Africa in sheep, goats, and cattle; humans may become infected with close contact with infected animals.
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Central Graben is the main oil and gas producing area in Denmark, Norway
The graben preserves outliers of Ordovician to Silurian lime-stones of the Upper Ordovician Liskeard Group and Lower Silurian Wabi Group (Dix et al.
Another offshore area in the Gulf of Aden, yet to be properly explored, runs from a point near Aden city to the Somali coast, and is a continuation of the NW/SE trending Ma'reb graben.
migrated all the way from the Central Graben to the Luna Well might also
The graben were an unexpected discovery and the images provide contradictory evidence that the regions of the lunar crust are also being pulled apart.
Armin Cossmann, as Regional Director responsible for the German fulfillment centres, explained: "The branch in Graben will help Amazon deliver orders to customers quickly and reliably and will help to support our future growth requirements.
The next 900 pages are divided into eight sections describing specific geographical and geological areas, both offshore and onshore: East Irish Sea Fields, Atlantic Margin Fields, Viking Graben Fields, Moray Firth Fields, Central Graben Fields, southern North Sea Gas Fields, East Midlands Basin Fields, Weald and Wessex Basin Fields.
Above this province lies the Lebanon-Palmyrid Belt and the Euphrates graben which are a continuation of the Levant Fracture System.
If, on the other hand, no shallow-water platform material could be found underlying the channels, the evidence would favor the other major theory, called the graben hypothesis.
On Block 3A, approximately 409 line-km of new seismic was completed on five structural leads in Anza Graben and a further 38 line-km into Block 3B was completed surveying a structural lead in the Lamu Embayment Basin.
The Euphrates River runs via Syria, along a graben, from Turkey in the north to Iraq.
structures have been mapped updip from the Central Graben, the source of