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Arguelles said she had a wedding gown made by her unnamed designer friend that was worth P30,000.
html) Independent , a lot of fans loved Markle's look during her pictorial, but there were also a few that criticized the former actress for wearing a gown that's too expensive.
Dubai: The average price of a designer wedding gown in Dubai hovers between Dh6,000 and Dh8,000.
This exclusive photo shoot uniquely showcased a bride's ideally perfect wedding gown in the city of her dreams.
Miss Kerry Washington, 38 This washed-out, embroidered Miu Miu gown was all wrong for the Scandal star.
Below: The unfinished replica wedding gown of Queen Elizabeth (S)
MY aim is to give the bride-to-be a luxurious and diverse opportunity to choose the gown they have always dreamed of in a colour, shape and fabric that reflects their own style.
The WCBF estimates that the new gowning approach allows employees to gown up in about three-quarters of the time they used to spend on the gowning process with their previous disposable gowns.
She had Hart's 1950s lace gown repaired, cleaned and preserved, boxed up and ready for another bride in the family.
OK, they aren't likely to generate headlines during New York's Fashion Week, but the never-ending quest to create the perfect hospital gown has inspired yet another generation of Tommy Hilfiger wannabes.
A DETERMINED mum has won an 18-month battle against a dry cleaners that shrank a handmade christening gown.