government hospital

gov·ern·ment hos·pi·tal

a hospital administered by officials of the city, county, state, or nation.
Synonym(s): public hospital
References in classic literature ?
He saw himself creeping, broken down and shabby, about the streets--dying unattended in some filthy hole of a room, or on the sordid bed of a Government hospital.
A medical superintendent is the senior most officer who is responsible for the functioning of a government hospital in Delhi.
Amman, Nov 24 (Petra) -- Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour Tuesday met Lawmakers from Zarqa, the president of the Hashemite University and the director of the Zarqa Government Hospital to discuss better health services in the governorate.
He urged the people to contact at his office Numbers 02199217347 and 02199217346 in case of any complaint against any government hospital from 9 a.
021-99217347 and 021-99217346 in case of any complaint against any government hospital from 9 am to 8 pm, adding that complaints would be addressed.
A Saudi man, 93, who was in contact with camels, contracted the viral disease and was admitted into a government hospital in Riyadh; he receives medical treatment and is in stable condition, according to a statement by the ministry.
Muddathir Ibrahim said he was admitted to a private hospital after feeling fatigued and remained there under observation for a couple of days and, due to his worsening condition, was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) with an immediate recommendation for transfer to a government hospital.
Summary: Belgian Defense Minister Steven Vandeput arrived Wednesday morning in Tibnin Government Hospital to bid farewell to his country's UNIFIL contingent, which has been stationed in south Lebanon since 2006.
Osmania Hospital, built by the Nizams in 1908, is the oldest and the biggest government hospital in the state.
In addition, each government hospital was receiving from eight to 15 million afghanis in three months to provide better treatment to masses.
Khalil's words came during his inauguration of two new departments within the Marj'Ayoun Government Hospital, in presence of MP Kassem Hashem and a crowd of political, religious and security dignitaries.
In fact, private hospital nurses whose population more than doubled during the period, compensated for the fall in ratio of nurses' number per 1,000 persons in government hospital.

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