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goti (gō·tē),

n in Ayurveda, pills that are derived from plants or minerals.
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The GOTI has shown a willingness to combat militants and extremists crossing into Tajikistan.
al-Omar added that GOTI has also granted a great opportunity to its customers of the industrialist to obtain their needs of textile over a period of two months or more after submitting their applications.
The GOTI and its affiliated companies had announced that they can provide the local market with 3,520 tons of textiles of different types per month.
62) See Jaime Malamud Goti," The Moral Dilemmas about Trying Pinochet in Spain," University of Miami Inter-American Law Review 32 (2001): 1.
102) See Jaime Malamud Goti, Game Without End: State Terror and the Politics of Justice (Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1996).
He highlights his Gothic roots when recalling that in an audience with Christina of Sweden in Rome, he was able to discuss his "patria Ravenna, residenza degli antichi re de' Goti " (201).
C patch works and tiled flooring to footpath from axis bank to goti sons in ward no.
Ecco allora messi a fuoco, insieme alle affermazioni critiche presenti nei trattati e nelle lettere, alcuni poemi in cui si incarnano le proposte critiche degli autori, in primo luogo il Girone il Cortese di Luigi Alamanni, l'Ercole di Giambattista Giraldi Cinzio, l'Amadigi di Bernardo Tasso, ma anche il Costante di Felice Bolognetti, l'Italia liberata dai Goti di Giangiorgio Trissino, il Meschino detto il Guerrino di Tullia d'Aragona.
9) SteelTambe 11 inch Goti model 5 number each 22 guage.
gurappa ramappa goti & others, and tallur village sy.