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pl. geese; a web-footed, long-necked bird of the family Anatidae. Domestic geese were derived from the wild goose, Anser anser. There are many other species in this genus and in the other Branta genus of geese, of which Branta canadensis is typical.
Popular domestic breeds include emden, toulouse.

goose body louse
see trinoton anserinum.
goose enteritis
a parvovirus infection.
goose hepatitis
occurs only in goslings less than 4 weeks old and caused by goose parvovirus. Affected birds have conjunctivitis, nasal discharge and polydipsia, huddle together and die. Postmortem findings include hepatitis and myocarditis. Called also gosling hepatitis, gosling plague.
goose honk
see goose honk cough.
goose influenza
see Riemerellaanatipestifer. Called also infectious serositis, new duck disease.
goose parvovirus infection
see goose hepatitis (above).
goose plague
see goose hepatitis (above).
goose septicemia
a fatal septicemia caused by Borrelia (Treponema) anserina and transmitted by the tick Argas persicus.
slender goose louse
goose venereal disease
an apparently infectious disease of ganders with an uncertain etiology, causing necrosis and scarring of the phallus, making reproduction impossible.

Patient discussion about goose

Q. can you be allergic to goose feathers?? do you get an allergic reaction even through the pillow cover??? If not- I don't know what it is but something in my bed is giving me a rash...

A. i had a similar problem. i just couldn't sleep in my bed and every day i changed one thing to see what is the cause. then i found that one of the pillows causes it and probably from dust mites. you can easily be allergic to goose feathers that can pass through the pillow cover. all you have to do is replace it and see if something changed.

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References in classic literature ?
His active little crutch was heard upon the floor, and back came Tiny Tim before another word was spoken, escorted by his brother and sister to his stool before the fire; and while Bob, turning up his cuffs -- as if, poor fellow, they were capable of being made more shabby -- compounded some hot mixture in a jug with gin and lemons, and stirred it round and round and put it on the hob to simmer; Master Peter, and the two ubiquitous young Cratchits went to fetch the goose, with which they soon returned in high procession.
He brought round both hat and goose to me on Christmas morning, knowing that even the smallest problems are of interest to me.
I ought to have something into the bargain,' said the countryman; 'give a fat goose for a pig, indeed
But, in the first place, I'm going to cook this fat goose to a turn, for I see that Mr.
No archer ever lived that could speed a gray goose shaft with such skill and cunning as his, nor were there ever such yeomen as the sevenscore merry men that roamed with him through the greenwood shades.
I'm not a goose, but they are who cry about trifles," said Petya.
D'you know, Katharine, that ridiculous goose came to tea with me?
One day a countryman going to the nest of his Goose found there an egg all yellow and glittering.
An implement of torture yielded by a goose and commonly
We'll drink all together To the gray goose feather And the land where the gray goose flew.