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Referring to the convoluted twisting of a short tubular structure, likened to a goose’s neck
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Return to Gooseneck by Muriel DeBuque Publication Date: July 23, 2015 Price: $14.
The short gooseneck allows for the main deck to stay as long as possible, an important factor for many users who may need to fit a long load or multiple small pieces of equipment onto the main deck.
Being in a hurry can lead to trouble, especially if you're parked on uneven ground or the trailer's platform or gooseneck height is off.
He was on a section of the circuit known as the Gooseneck when the accident happened.
The British Supersport team member sustained a major head injury in a heavy crash at the Gooseneck section of the circuit.
12 -- color) BRIGHT IDEA #3: Ultra spectrum gooseneck desk lamp uses a special bulb to make reading easier with less strain.
His collection, featuring artifacts from the 1880s to the 1930s, includes Thomas Edison inventions such as the first cylinder recordings and a gooseneck oak horn from the Edison home (circa 1901), as well as the Victor Talking Machine Company's Berliner Gramophone (circa 1895), featured in the famous company logo with Victor's black-and-white dog Nipper.
The HPT-20 & HPF-20 small gooseneck halogen lights are ideal for machine tool applications and may also be used for emergency service vehicles that require flexible spot lighting.
6 Adesso's satin steel Flex desk lamp, with 8-watt T5 fluorescent bulb, has a rubber gooseneck that allows adjustment from 10 to 28 inches.
Flexible lighting, such as gooseneck, swing arm and adjustable lamps, can be positioned close to the work to shed the appropriate light on the specific task.
Available in wall-mount, rail-mount, and floor-mount options, a sturdy gooseneck arm allows for stay-put flexibility.