goodness of fit

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good·ness of fit

(gud'nes fit),
Degree of agreement between an empirically observed distribution and a mathematical or theoretical distribution.


1. an episode characterized by inappropriate and involuntary motor activity. In humans there are similar psychic disturbances as well. The most common manifestation is a convulsion; similar involuntary movements of restricted parts of the body would also fit this description. Called also convulsion, seizure.
2. the quality of similarity between two sets of data.

goodness of fit
the degree of similarity between two sets of data, e.g. the frequencies of two attributes; a test for the significance of the similarity.
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Step 2: for each lane, the goodness of fit of models on distribution of the headways occurred in each 100 pc/h/ln flow scope was examined.
Of the choices given to planners and rank ordered from the 'least important' to 'most important' (my certifications and designations, my level of education, my memberships within professional organizations, my level of experience within the planning profession, my use of ethical practices) all variables within the goodness of fit test showed significance, thus, rejecting the null hypothesis that these variables occur by chance alone.
Model parameters identical to those described earlier for the POMS CFA were adopted and the previously described goodness of fit indices served as criteria.
In overall, goodness of fit of the DeLone & McLean e-commerce model was fairly good, indicating that it has a great potential for e-commerce research framework.
275) were used and measures were selectively assessed as of the following: Chi-square statistic (CMIN), degrees of freedom (DF), CMIN divided by DF (CMIN/DF), goodness of fit index (GFI), adjusted goodness of fit index (AGFI), normed fit index (NFI), and root mean square of approximation (RMSEA).
Goodness of fit test for Transformed Accident Reduction Factor
These reports provide the company's latest forecast results and how these have performed against three major key performance indicators -- goodness of fit, major turns in the market and performance within the forecast band of confidence.
2] test of goodness of fit also supports the above finding, as there is a significant difference in the distribution of opinion of respondents on 5-point scale.
Baumgartner and Homburg (1996) reported that the [chi square] had been the most popular index for assessing the overall goodness of fit of a model.
As with most professions, social work candidates are likely guided toward the profession by talents, desires, and a goodness of fit (Buckingham & Coffman, 1999).
Marginal support was found for the hypothesized model in terms of fit statistics: Normed Fit Index (Bentler & Bonett, 1980); Bentler-Bonett Nonnormed Fit Index (Bentler & Bonett); Comparative Fit Index (Bentler, 1990); Incremental Fit Index (Bollen, 1989); Goodness of Fit Index (Joreskog & Sorbom, 1988); Adjusted Goodness of Fit Index (Joreskog & Sorbom); or Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (Steiger, 1990).
2]) is used as a measure of overall goodness of fit.