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Collins' Owned & Operated Records (notice the Blasting Room/All/Descendents connection) keeps sending us stuff by the likes of Season To Risk, a live 7" with All, Good Riddance and Wretch Like Me, and a comp featuring Armchair Martian and Bad Astronaut, which is Joey Cape from the Lagwagon's side project.
GOODBYE and good riddance to that ridiculous, preppy twerp Tom Hicks Jr, who resigned from the Liverpool board this week after sending an abusive email to a supporter.
I MUST take issue with E Williams ( Mail, February 20) who says good riddance to Brasserie Blanc.
To the city of Los Angeles and the Valley, good riddance.
GOOD riddance to Raymond Blanc and his Brasserie Blanc.
I do not want people like him at this club so it's good riddance.