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Relating to a gonad.


Relating to a gonad.


(go'nad) (gon'ad) [Gr. gone, seed]
1. The embryonic sex before differentiation into definitive testis or ovary.
2. A generic term referring to the female ovaries and the male testes. Each forms the cells necessary for human reproduction: spermatozoa from the testes, ova from the ovaries. See: estrogen; ovary; testicle; testosterone


Female: The follicles of the ovaries secrete estrogen, which helps regulate the menstrual cycle and the development of the secondary sex characteristics. The corpus luteum also produces progesterone, which stimulates growth of blood vessels in the endometrium for the implantation of a fertilized egg. Male: The interstitial cells of the testes secrete testosterone, which is essential for maturation of sperm and for development of the secondary sex characteristics.

Hormones from both sexes have been isolated and standardized and are used to treat conditions arising from an insufficiency of these hormones.

gonadal, adjective


pertaining to or arising from a gonad. See also testicular, ovarian.

gonadal cords
cords formed by epithelial cells which migrate from the mesonephric tubules in the embryo to the gonadal ridge and establish the indifferent stage of gonadogenesis.
gonadal ridge
the structures in the embryo to which the primordial germ cells migrate, and from which the gonads develop.
gonadal steroids
see steroid.
gonadal stromal tumor
tumors of granulosa cells and thecal cells of the ovary.
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