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A G protein involved in olfaction, a neural activity that is similar to vision, as it requires conversion of external signals to electrical signals recognisable by the brain
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The forenoon we spent in the garden, pretending to play games that come out of boxes, such as croquet and clock golf.
I went straight from that house to Burry Mills Hydro, keen for the first time in my life on playing golf, which is guaranteed to occupy the mind.
The clubhouse on the golf links was used, of course, for many other purposes besides that of golf.
I state once more that in his thirty-first year Archibald Mealing went in for a golf championship, and won it.
Archibald belonged to a select little golf club, the members of which lived and worked in New York, but played in Jersey.
Gossett was an unpopular subject with members of the Cape Pleasant Golf Club.
So he began to prate to Miss Marian of clubs, of teas, of golf and riding and kennels and cotillions and tours abroad and threw out hints of a yacht lying at Larchmont.
GOLF AT THE HAGUE Among the entrants for the tournament which commences to-morrow, are several well-known English players, including Mr.
I lived in the country," he said, "I played golf and read and rested.
All that he was thinking of at that moment was the best method of laying a golf ball dead in front of the Palace Theatre.
I suppose you don't get much time for golf then, what?
As long as he could afford to belong to one or two golf clubs and have something over for those small loans which, in certain of the numerous circles in which he moved, were the inevitable concomitant of popularity, he was satisfied.