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In one of the vignettes, Sedaris blings her smile with gold foil, while in another she beautifies otherwise sickening fresh-cut flowers with gold foil.
First of all, the absence of gold inlay before the fourteenth year could not be explained by lack of gold, because gold foil was already used in the thirteenth year to wrap bronze buttons, a traditional decorative technique called baojin, such as the example on figure 4.
Beyond the obvious style implications, the gold foil is meant to draw attention to what Chipotle calls Food With Integrity.
12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Known for the world's best ham, HoneyBaked Ham will replace its iconic gold foil with pink for the first time ever this October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The presentation of the chocolates wrapped in gold foil added to the anticipation of what I was about to try.
There is Tesco own-brand English, Irish and Welsh butter, wrapped in gold foil and identical except for the country of origin.
The painting, done in muted golds, greens and browns and mixed with burlap, gold foil paper, rice paper and other materials, also contains a quotation from ``The Song of Wandering Aengus,'' by poet William Butler Yeats: ``And seek till time and time is done .
Seven decorated bands of impressed gold foil run round the cup (FIGURE 4).
The brew is bottled in a festive holiday package, including a colorful Christmas tree (dated 1991) and a gold foil top, designed to compliment the product.
Multiple foil color options--such as blue and gold foil on the same label
com Gold and white crackers with gold foil ties WOW FACTOR: These unassuming crackers would work well with most colour schemes FUN FACTOR: Hat, bad joke and traditional cracker gifts like the curling fish and a decent hairband VERDICT: A steal for the price BEST FOR: Cheap chic 3 Family Crackers, PS3.
The chocolate is wrapped in gold foil with a red wrapper bearing the royal crest and 'By Appointment to HM The Queen'.