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Key words: goatling, metabolism, myofibrillar toughness, tenderness, pH, cathepsins.
Meat goatling play a crucial role in the rural economy in these states, because the production and marketing is the source of income for many families.
In goatling meat the biochemical characteristics like metabolic properties and ageing process (rigor mortis installation and ageing time) have not been studied and it is difficult to extrapolate the results from other studiesbecausethese characteristics vary between different muscles and among species.
Based on the above-mentioned and with the aim of increasing the quality of the meat of this species, the objective of the present work was to evaluate the influence of muscle biochemical characteristics such as metabolism type, contraction rate and ageing process time (rigor mortis installation, cathepsins activities) on the tenderness of goatling meat.
CAN'T BE BLEATEN Jill Wharmby, of Pencoed, with Davgiull Xeter who helped her gain a first in the Any Variety Goatling section at the St Mellons Agricultural Show.
For at least half of the goatlings, the family takes care of them for a few months and then finds them new homes.
The brother and sister goatlings are a blend of Nubian and Alpine goats - both dairy breeds.
The British Saanen Goatlings class from the 2014 Honley Show.
The goat died 2 days later, after which 17 other goats (including 2 goatlings born on the farm) showed the same signs and died over a 4-month period.
However, the first wire has to be about four inches from the ground and each subsequent wire needs to be spaced so agile goatlings cannot slip their bodies between the cracks.
I had to take a lot of generally good-natured ribbing from friends and family when I decided to buy my first 100 goatlings - for a while people even called me Gary Goatman.
Ffarm Fach currently has 21 goats - 13 classed as kids, seven goatlings over than a year old and a stud male specifically chosen for his bloodlines.