go down

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go down

Informatics verb To interrupt the flow of information in a computer–eg, to or from the central processing unit, which usually refers to larger computer systems; when the information flow is restored, it is said to be 'back up'. See Computer Vox populi verb
1. To engage in sexual activity.
2. To engage in oral sexuoerotic activity.

Patient discussion about go down

Q. Where should i go when i feel down and lonely? is there like an independence way to lift my spirit?

A. I spend a lot of time in "my room". It has a window to look out and a comfortable chair to sit and think in. I can shut the door to get real quiet. I can read and study things. Reading gets my mind off of down feelings. There is also a time for going out walking. It frees my mind. When I come back I seem to have a new perspective on things. Sometimes I go and sit out in the woods for awhile where I live. I like listening to the birds and nature sounds. Its nice to see clouds going by in the sky or the stars at night. If something's really bothering you, call on someone you can trust and talk it out. Just find that activity that suits you best and get busy at it.

Q. the R side of my stomach is hurting bad and it is going down my leg and in my back does that sound like this

A. Well it all depends on how long these pains have been going on. If it is a matter of 1-2 days, this pain , if very very strong and accompanied by nausea or vomiting, can certainly be an acute appendicitis attack, which should make you hurry up to seek medical attention. If the pain is tolerable, and has been going on for more than few days, it is not compatible with appendicitis pain, but can be a lot of other reasons, for instance- gall bladder problems (for instance - stones) or renal stones.
Either way you have to see a doctor about this pain if you want proper diagnosis and treatment.

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But they're ready for it, confidence is really high after what happened at Arsenal and we'll go down there and give it a right go.
If Middlesbrough go down they've got their own issues and own problems.
Davis notes that in the past, she believed Go Down, Moses to be the repository of Faulkner's intense emotion from the loss of Caroline Barr, the black woman who cared for him through his childhood.
I guess the biggest question customers have is, "When will the price of the new steel go down too?
It's another product of the massive gap between the Premiership and Division One that no-one has the money to hang on to superstars, so the better you are when you go down the harder it can be to come back up.
Steve Lambourne: I don't think people costs are going away any time soon, and I think that a percentage of their budget will go down and be replaced by software and services.
I think it's going to continue to go down," Given said.
Throwing from the top also helps the ball go down a little and produces a slider with two dimensions--down and away (horizontal and vertical).
Well, we couldn't believe [LBJ] would [want the vice presidency]," Bobby said later, speaking more for himself than for his brother, "but Jack decided that he'd go down and talk to him about it anyway.
You either stay on your feet and get nothing, go down and win a penalty or go down and take a booking if the ref thinks you are guilty of simulation.
FORMER Liverpool defender Dominic Matteo has warned his old club they are not too good to go down.
As long as I'm playing, I'm OK with that and I'll go down there and go about my business as I always do.