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One such agent, the glycylcycline tigecycline, has been shown to exhibit good in vitro activity against rapidly growing mycobacteria, especially M.
Tigecycline, a newer glycylcycline antimicrobial, was used in this case based upon its efficacy in past case reports of Acinetobacter infection (14).
Therefore, we studied the in vitro susceptibility of tigecycline, a new glycylcycline with promising broad spectrum of activity against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria at a tertiary care hospital in north India.
If approved, tigecycline would be the first glycylcycline available to treat pneumonia, said Dr.
Tigecycline is a glycylcycline antibiotic marketed by Wyeth (now Pfizer) under the brand name Tygacil.
Tigecycline, a glycylcycline antimicrobial agent that is structurally similar to tetracycline, has been used to treat CRKP-related infections and is often active against carbapenemase--producing K.
TYGACIL, the first glycylcycline IV antibiotic has an expanded broad spectrum of in vitro activity against many gram positives, gram negatives, anaerobes, methicillin-resistant and -susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA and MSSA), and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE).
Tigecycline is a first-in-class glycylcycline that was approved in the United States in June 2005 for treating complicated skin, soft tissue, and intraabdominal infections, and is pending approval in Europe.
Tigecycline is the first drug in the glycylcycline class of antibiotics.
Tygacil is the first glycylcycline, a new class of antibiotic, with the potential to be a monotherapy option for clinicians treating complicated skin and skin structure infections and complicated intra-abdominal infections," says Dr.