A class of hydrolytic enzymes that act on glycosides; α-glycosidases act on α-glycosidic linkages (for example, α-amylase) whereas β-glycosidases act on β-glycosidic linkages (for example, β-glucosidase). They can be further divided into those enzymes that act on O-glycosyl, N-glycosyl, or S-glycosyl compounds.
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The degradation of glycoproteins and glycolipids occurs predominantly in lysosomes, which contain a series of glycosidases and other hydrolases required for the complete degradation of the glycan components of glycoproteins or glycolipids.
The researchers found that growth on switchgrass prompted the organism to express an expanded set of proteins that deal specifically with the hemicellulose content of the plant, including hemicellulose-targeted glycosidases and extracellular solute-binding proteins.
This finding was confirmed by drastically decreased binding after removal of A, B, and H epitopes from secretor saliva by treatment with specific glycosidases.
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arabinanases, endoglucanases, galactanases, glycosidases, xylanases, oxidases, proteases peptidases, phospholipases, lactases, transglutaminases Animal feed: enzymes are used to Phytases, [beta]-glucanases, enhance digestion and nutritional xylanases, galactanases, content of animal feed.