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Relating to glycolysis.


Relating to glycolysis.


(glī-kol′ĭ-sĭs) [″ + lysis, dissolution]
The first stage of cell respiration, the series of reactions that convert a molecule of glucose to two molecules of pyruvic acid with the formation of a small amount of ATP.
glycolytic (glī″kŏ-lit′ik), adjective


Relating to glycolysis.
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We conclude that the A549 cell line showed differential metabolic trends and responses to the organic glycolytic inhibitors as compared to the MRC-5 cell line.
As glycolytic activity decreased, caused by the downregulation of phosphopyruvate hydratase, ATP concentration decreased, mainly as a result of the continuing action of various ATPases in the membrane systems (Lougovois & Kyrana 2005).
It has been recently emphasized that the terminologies utilized to describe metabolic threshold concepts may introduce an erroneous understanding about metabolic pathway profiles during the IET, especially because the term "anaerobic threshold" may not clearly indicate the predominance of the glycolytic energy system in ATP resynthesis (Hopker et al.
Porcine Longissimus glycolytic potential level effects on growth performance, carcass, and meat quality characteristics.
Ingram and colleagues identified one promising glycolytic inhibitor more than a decade ago, while he was still at the National Institute on Aging.
Although the mechanism involved in the up-regulation of ENO-2 is unknown, our study provides evidence that the increased expression of ENO-2 may have implications in the increased glycolytic capacity of tumors.
1995) 'A model for glycolytic oscillations based on skeletal muscle phosphofructokinase kinetics', Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol.
The pilar insufficient glycolytic virilism and its association year I (Diabetes bearded women)].
According to the currently accepted hypothesis, the control of GSIS in [beta] cells depends largely on glucose metabolism, in which glycolytic and oxidative phosphorylation triggers a sequence of signaling events, including increased ATP production and ATP/ADP ratio, leading to insulin secretion (Henquin 2004; Newgard and McGarry 1995).
To keep it simple, there are three main metabolic pathways we use to perform physical activity--the phosphagen pathway, the glycolytic pathway, and the oxidative pathway--and one pathway to convert food into energy--the citric acid, or Krebs cycle.
pLDH is a soluble glycolytic enzyme expressed at high levels in asexual stages of malaria parasites (22).
You need all the ATP energy systems trained: anaerobic, glycolytic, lactate threshold, aerobic, all the time.