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glycolipids (gli″kolip´ids), the fats found in the brain and nervous system that contain a carbohydrate constituent.
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Glycolipids containing sugar and lipid component and do not containing glycerol (Table.
It seems likely that interaction of the toxin with a specific membrane glycoprotein/ glycolipid component, though not absolutely essential for perforating the lipid bilayer, increased the efficiency of the process dramatically.
Many believe that the glycolipids prevent the enzyme from attaching to the surface of the droplet, preventing it from breaking down the fat within the droplet.
Julian Ferraras and Karen Stirrett, focused on particular small-molecule virulence factors called phenolic glycolipids (PGLs).
Most of these methods, however, do not allow the simultaneous measurement of Cer and neutral glycolipids, or they require extensive calibration and expensive equipment (as in the case of mass spectrometry).
A group of proteins with glycolipids, called "GPI anchors," exist in cells.
Sulfoglucuronosyl glycolipids as putative antigens for autoimmune inner ear disease.
In this book, 'lipids' are broadly defined as any natural substance soluble in organic solvents, and include fats, phospholipids, glycolipids, terpeoids, steroids and oxygenated fatty acids.
3] These toxic surface glycolipids evoke cytokine-related host weight loss and play a fundamental role in the genesis and persistence of granulomas.
This natural oil is rich in phosopholipids and glycolipids, which are also called polar lipids.