glycogen loading

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glycogen loading

 Carbohydrate loading, see there.

car·bo·hy·drate load·ing

(kahr-bō-hī'drāt lōd'ing)
Manipulation of diet and exercise to significantly increase muscle and liver glycogen content. Frequently used by enduranceathletes to enhance performance.
Synonym(s): glycogen loading, glycogen supercompensation.

glycogen loading

A dietary regimen used to fill the body's glycogen storage areas, i.e., the liver and muscles.
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carbohydrate loading

aims to maximize (supercompensate) muscle glycogen stores. This allows athletes to maintain a chosen pace for longer periods and also enhances the performance of a set amount of work (i.e. set distance) by preventing a decline in pace or work output associated with CHO depletion. The procedure is popular with long-distance runners and other endurance-type athletes; it is an important nutritional strategy for events lasting more than 90 minutes, which would otherwise be limited by the depletion of muscle glycogen stores. In practice, loading is performed in two stages: a glycogen depletion stage and a carbohydrate loading phase, typically spread over 6-7 days, which entail a few days of minimal CHO intake with initially high but then decreasing intensity of training, followed by a few days of high CHO diet and minimal exercise.
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