gluteus medius

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gluteus medius

The buttock muscle lying between the GLUTEUS MAXIMUS and GLUTEUS MINIMUS.

gluteus medius

powerful muscle of gluteal (buttock) region
  • origin ileum, between anterior and posterior gluteal lines and iliac crest

  • insertion posterior superior angle of greater trochanter and lateral oblique ridge

  • nerve supply superior gluteal nerve

  • action (with gluteus minimus) tilts pelvis on hip joint of weight-bearing limb; centre of gravity moves towards support limb, allowing the foot of non-weight-bearing limb to clear the ground surface, and swing phase of gait to proceed

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As the principal function of gluteus medius is abduction, the activation in hip abductors was observed.
With the difference in muscle activation at time IR between the evaluated sessions, it was verified an increase in stimulation with 10 hippotherapy sessions, regardless of whether they were conducted once or twice a week, which was significant for the muscles gluteus medius, tensor fascia latae, rectus femoris and gastrocnemius in DG, and gluteus medius and tensor fascia latae in HG.
Caption: Figure 2: Typical photomicrographs of serial transverse sections of the gluteus medius muscle.
The tape was activated at proximal anchor point and laid over the gluteus medius with slight tension due to the adduction of the hip.
The Gluteus medius and Biceps femoris are tender on the first day, and the aging process is indicated for these cuts to add value to the beef.
As imagens referentes ao Gluteus Medius (GM) foram obtidas na linha perpendicular (dorso-ventral) a terceira vertebra sacral (STUBBS et al.
The effect of foot wedging on electromyographic activity in the erector spinae and gluteus medius muscles during walking, 18:81-91.
This exercise helps strengthen the muscles that should be engaged instead: the deep external rotators and the gluteus medius.
Figure 3 shows the lipomatous lesion, visualized after separation of the gluteus medius muscle.
It can be helpful to strengthen the gluteal muscles, particularly the gluteus medius, which is primarily responsible for abduction (moving the leg laterally away from the body), and is important in controlling pelvic motion.
The SGA gives off a deep branch to the gluteus medius muscle and then runs through the gluteus maximus muscle, ending in cutaneous arteries located mainly in the superolateral gluteal region.