glucose oxidase

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glu·cose ox·i·dase

an antibacterial flavoprotein enzyme, obtained from Penicillum notatum and other fungi, which is antibacterial only in the presence of glucose and oxygen, its effect being due to the oxidation of d-glucose to d-glucono-δ-lactone, with the coconversion of O2 to H2O2; used in the preservation of food and in assays for glucose levels.
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Genetic diversity in hyper glucose oxidase producing Aspergillus niger UAF mutants by using molecular markers.
Two-enzyme lactose bio sensor based on [beta]-galactosidase and glucose oxidase deposited by AC-electrophoresis: characteristics and performance for lactose determination in milk.
Enzymes such as glucose oxidase have limited thermal stability.
They assessed the efficiency of their technique by testing the efficiency of glucose oxidase as an oxygen scavenger in apple juice at 25 C and 4 C.
Split samples were used to measure the glucose concentrations in 157 of the 161 specimens by an automated glucose analyzer and glucose oxidase reagent strips.
Hydrogen peroxide is destroyed by honey catalase [21, 27], In honeys of the same floral source, levels of hydrogen peroxide accumulated from enzymatic action of glucose oxidase were seen to decline with time and S.
Every egg processor that has experienced the irritation of egg white turning brown during processing will celebrate the arrival of Biocatalysts' new Glucose Oxidase (G168L).
The plasma diffuses into the reagent layer, where impregnated glucose oxidase facilitates the oxidation of glucose.
A comparison of values obtained for 40 patients' fresh whole blood using the One Touch II analyzer and sera using the glucose oxidase method is shown in the Figure.
A glucose oxidase and catalase system is effective in the deoxygenation of orange juice prior to pasteurization.
This team, under the leadership of Isao Karube, has been able to anisotropically etch a flow cell on a silicon wafer, immobilize the enzyme glucose oxidase on the inner wall of the cell, then cover it with a microelectrode, fabricated on a glass board by means of photolithography.
The test is based on a specific glucose oxidase peroxidase method, a double sequential enzyme reaction.