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A polysaccharide yielding glucose on hydrolysis; for example, callose, cellulose, glycogen, starch, dextrins.
Synonym(s): glucan


/glu·can/ (gloo´kan) any polysaccharide composed only of recurring units of glucose; a homopolymer of glucose.


A polyglucose; e.g., callose, cellulose, starch amylose, glycogen amylose.
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Four groups of rats, each of eight, were fed on wheat bran feed (WBF), maize bran feed (MBF), barley ss glucan extract feed (BGF), and sorghum ss glucan extract feed (SGF) for 28 days.
Anti-infective effect of poly-beta 1-6-glucotriosyl-beta 1-3-glucopyranose glucan in vivo.
Numerous potential causes of false BG positivity have been reported and include hemodialysis with cellulose membranes; serosal exposure to gauze or other materials that contain glucans, such as during surgery; and administration of blood products, albumin, immunoglobulin, coagulation factors, or plasma protein fraction filtered through BG-containing filters.
10% sucrose as carbon source was added to the media in order to induce glucan production.
The results further suggest that more studies should be carried out with beta- glucans from different sources [particularly the (1[right arrow]3),(1[right arrow]6) type] to fully determine the pharmacological and beneficial effects of these type of glucans.
Zymosan and other glucans have been demonstrated to enhance ROS generation by oyster hemocytes using chemiluminescence assays (Anderson 1994), and both ROS and RNS by flow cytometry (Lambert et al.
Now experts at the University's Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) are striving to breed varieties of oats with higher beta glucan contents.
When the researchers knocked out one of the other enzymes in their novel pathway, the pathway's shutdown didn't kill the bacteria; similarly, inactivating an enzyme called Rv3032 in the second alpha glucan pathway failed to kill the microbes.
JRBiomedical has launched Finvita Beta Glucan, which has been clinically proven to support the body's immune system.
Placebo capsules were 250 mg of rice flour; BETA-GLUCAN capsules were 250 mg of BETA 1,3/1,6 GLUCAN isolated from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.