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Forensic pathology A popular term for a broad sheet of epidermis, especially of the hands and feet, which may include the fingernails that slough from bodies immersed in water for prolonged periods, a phenomenon that occurs more rapidly in warm water
Infectious control A disposable sheath composed of latex or plastic used to cover an examiner’s hands during many phases of patient management to minimise the risk of transmitting pathogens either from the patient to the health care provider, or, for patients in reverse isolation, from the provider to the patient


Infectious control A disposible sheath composed of latex or plastic used to cover an examiner's hands during many phases of Pt management to minimize the risk of transmitting pathogens either from the Pt to the health care provider or, for Pts in reverse isolation, from the provider to the Pt. See Hand washing, Personal protection garment.


A protective covering for the hand. In medical care the glove is made of a flexible impervious material that permits full movement of the hand and fingers. Gloves are used to protect both the operative site from contamination with organisms from the health care worker and the health care worker from contamination with pathogens from the patient.


It is not advisable to wash gloves and wear them again while treating another patient.

double glove

The wearing of two pairs of gloves during invasive procedures to decrease the likelihood of direct contact between the surgeon and the patient. Similarly: “triple glove.”

edema control glove

An elastic pressure-gradient glove designed to facilitate tissue healing following hand injury.

surgical glove

A sterile glove worn to prevent contamination of the patient during invasive procedures and to protect the hand from exposure to potentially infectious materials.

thermally insulated glove

A glove that provides protection against frostnip and frostbite.
See: Sterile Gloves, Open Method


a covering garment for the hand with a separate sheath for each finger.

lead glove
for protection of the animal holder during radiography. Fabric gloves lined with thin lead/rubber sheet with a minimum lead equivalent of 0.25  mm.
glove powders
are used to assist in the wearing of surgical gloves but materials used may cause foreign body reactions in tissues. For this reason talcum powder has largely been replaced by less irritating corn starch and rice starch.
surgical glove
latex rubber, sterilized or capable of sterilization, thin enough not to interfere with touch sensation or digital dexterity, disposable or reusable.
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