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Temporal bone chondrosarcomas have been mistaken for multiple sclerosis, glomus jugulare tumors, meningiomas, and chordomas.
Seymour FK, Lloyd S, Harcourt JR Glomus jugulare tumour presenting with isolated accessory nerve palsy.
Abstract: Glomus jugulare tumors are rare, normally benign, paragangliomas located in and around the jugular foramen at the base of the skull.
We report the unique finding of a petrous apex cholesterol granuloma associated with a paraganglioma, also known as a glomus jugulare tumor, in a 52-year-old woman who presented to our department with pulsatile tinnitus, hearing loss, aural fullness, and disequilibrium.
Approximately 80% of these tumors are either carotid body tumors or glomus jugulare tumors.
Another promising use of Extend at Barnes-Jewish Hospital will be glomus jugulare tumors, according to Dr.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the head and neck demonstrated multiple skull base lesions consistent with bilateral carotid body tumors, a left glomus jugulare, and a right glomus vagale.
suggest a new approach to tackling complex glomus jugulare tumors that was successful in a majority of 43 cases they analyzed.
The differential diagnosis of hemotympanum and/ or a vascular retrotympanic mass includes trauma, an anomalous course of the petrous ICA, carotid aneurysm, high position of the jugular bulb, and a vascular tumor such as glomus tympanicum or glomus jugulare.
1) In many of the reported cases, jugular fossa meningiomas mimicked glomus jugulare tumors and lower cranial nerve neuromas.
1) Glomus jugulare and glomus tympanicum tumors are both found in the temporal bone.
It can be difficult to distinguish a glomus tympanicum tumor from a glomus jugulare tumor or an aberrant internal carotid artery (ICA) on the basis of the clinical presentation alone.