glomus cell

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glomus cell

1 an epithelioid cell surrounding a coiled arteriovenous anastomosis of a glomus body.
2 a modified smooth muscle cell.


pl. glomera [L.] a small histologically recognizable body composed primarily of fine arterioles connecting directly with veins, and having a rich nerve supply.

glomus caroticum
carotid body.
glomus cell
a specialized cell of the carotid body.
glomus choroideum
an enlargement of the choroid plexus of the lateral ventricle.
glomus tumor
neoplasm of one of the chemoreceptors. Tumors of the glomus jugulare have been reported in a dog.
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In the solid areas, dense accumulations of glomus cells and blood vessels were seen.
Smooth muscle fibers were seen as large bundles and focally were intimately associated with the glomus cells (Figure).
Perivascular myomas exhibit a broad histologic spectrum, from hemangiopericytoma-like or glomus tumor-like to angioleiomyoma-like, and it is speculated that they differentiate along the lines of smooth muscle, pericytic, and glomus cells.