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 [glo-mer´u-li] (L.)
plural of glomerulus.



(glō-mĕr′ū-lŭs) plural.glomeruli [L.]
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1. One of the capillary networks that are part of the renal corpuscles in the nephrons of the kidney. Each is surrounded by a Bowman's capsule, the site of renal (glomerular) filtration, which is the first step in the formation of urine. See: illustration
2. A group of twisted capillaries or nerve fibers.

olfactory glomerulus

A neural network found in the olfactory bulb, formed by the dendrites of mitral cells intertwined with the axons of olfactory receptor cells.

Glomeruli (singular, glomerulus)

Tiny tufts of capillaries which carry blood within the kidneys. The blood is filtered by the glomeruli. The blood then continues through the circulatory system, but a certain amount of fluid and specific waste products are filtered out of the blood, to be removed from the body in the form of urine.


plural of glomerulus.
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14 In the early stage of DN, the increase of glomeruli filtration pressure, the reduction of negative charges on filtration membrane and changes of gaping holes induce the increased filtration of proteins, activation of lysosome and increase of urinary NAG.
A high grade of GS has been reported to be a good predictor of early graft dysfunction; (8) however, in our study, the grade of GS was not taken into account due to the difference in the number of glomeruli per core seen in different biopsy specimens.
Except for few glomeruli that have minimal mesangial proliferation, most glomeruli were normal, and this supports the pauci-immune GN.
Immunostaining of caspase-3 was markedly increased in glomeruli of DN rats (Figure-1-D), but very limited numbers of positive cells were found in the control and Islets groups (Table).
This is defined by glomerular involvement in less than 50% of the glomeruli, whether it is segmental (part of the glomerulus) or global (the whole glomerulus).
Glomeruli capillaries were unremarkable in nearly all animals except in 7 (88%) (Fig.
The researchers microdissected adult rat kidneys into segments from the glomeruli, proximal convoluted tubule (S1/PCT), proximal straight tubule (S2, S3), medullary thick ascending limb of Henle's loop and the collecting duct.
The condition means the glomeruli in the kidney becomes inflamed allowing blood cells and protein to pass through the cell walEden takes five tablets a day, she suffers from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and asthma and has to go to Alder Hey for regular checks and tests, but still retains her high grades.
Florid "crescents" were found in 10 out of 34 glomeruli (30%), with fibrotic evolution in five glomeruli and massive extracapillary proliferation.