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According to NASA, the James Webb Telescope, slated to be launched in 2019, will help researchers track and measure the motions of the globular clusters in NGC 1277 galaxy.
This finding was rather unexpected, and constitutes the first time that astronomers have been able to detect an inactive black hole at the heart of a globular cluster - meaning that it is not currently accreting matter or surrounded by a glowing disc of gas.
Globular cluster NGC 6304 may take the cake for the most interesting shape it conjures up in my mind.
John Herschel, son of William, observing with the 18-inch f/3 speculum at the Cape of Good Hope, records the object as "a globular cluster, bright, 4' long by 3' broad; all resolved into stars, gradually more compressed in the middle.
Unlike globular clusters, open clusters usually show plenty of open space between their stars.
Calculation of volume, [DELTA]G, [DELTA]H, and [DELTA]S for 2-50 sequence for which the terminals of the peptide chain are connected and the energy reduced resulting in a globular type structure.
The C-terminal of the polypeptide ([approximately equal to] 380 aa) forms a globular head that is anchored to the viral membrane by a flexible stalk.
Ancient globular clusters such as M4 were thought to be the last place to find planets because they contain very little metal, which is considered an essential raw material for planet formation.
The planet, located in the M4 globular cluster (5,680 light-yrs away), was speculated to be a planet in the early 1990's when astronomers found some irregularities within the movement of two nearby stars.
To study the recruitment of the globular tail domain of myosin-V to neuronal vesicles, we used a GST-tagged fragment of the globular tail in motility and vesicle-binding experiments.
Open clusters contain small numbers of young stars, while globular clusters are densely packed with old stars.
You can't draw a globular cluster and make it look like a globular cluster.