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Isolation and localization of the antibiotics gliotoxin produced by Gliocladium virens from alginate prill in soil and soilless media.
fumigatus toxins, including gliotoxin, helvolic acid and fumagillin (Takashi et al.
Induction of mutagenesis by gamma irradiation can also increase the ability of Trichoderma species to produce antibiotics and phenolic compounds such as trichodermine, gliotoxin and viridian (Haggag and Mohamed, 2002).
NF-[kappa]B inhibitors, including pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate [36], parthenolide [37], gliotoxin [38], and proteosome inhibitor [24], were reported to cause GSH depletion.
Gliotoxin production by clinical and environmental Aspergillusfumigatusstrains.
Mycotoxins produced by candida include gliotoxin, which is known to suppress the immune system.
Gliotoxin contamination in and pre- and postfermented corn, sorghum and wet brewer's grains silage in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil.
Cellular targeting of the apoptosis-inducing compound gliotoxin to fibrotic rat livers.
The effective antifungal compounds produced by this fungus were identified as gliovirin and gliotoxin, but no further purification and dose response of these compounds were done in the study.