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Earlier this year, Samsung showcased a 55-inch glassless 3D TV prototype at the Flat Panel Display show in China.
The company spotted a gap in the market for a glassless mirror which would be lightweight, easy to transport and unbreakable.
I was fascinated by the oxen ploughing in the fields, the ox-carts passing by and the unpainted thatched-roof farm buildings with glassless windows, open to the breezes.
He protests, begging her to "Listen" and "Wait," and instead makes his way down the gallery to a glassless window, the shutters of which, though they are "closed and apparently locked" (p.
The same concept picks up on the latest rumour that 3D glassless panel is in the horizon for the next iPhone.
Vehicles owned by officers can apply on any route with impunity, regardless, they have permit only for one particular route; such vehicles are not impounded and the owners and drivers not fined; such vehicles may have glassless windows to let the winter wind inside and freeze the passengers, have broken seats, have no rear mirrors and be over-speeding on busy roads but the route permits are not revoked and the driving' licences are not rescinded.
Displaybank expects the glassless type 3D TVs to be unveiled in 2014.
I was drawn across the valley By the glassless gaping holes Of this deserted chapel Where no bell tolls I stand where Wesley stood No-one to welcome me The door was firmly barred They had thrown away the key The gravestone round about Like troops in disarray Leaned at crazy angles Still bowing heads to pray I peered through broken windows Saw the pews haphazard high Stacked up against its weeping walls Like ladders to the sky I pictured them that other day The tongues that spread the news Imagined Wesley speaking there When people filled those pews Reality is an empty shell The congregation dead Yet Wesley's name gives claim to fame Where feet no longer tread
It has a dirt floor and no lights, and crows swoop through its glassless windows, The New York Times reports.
The street lamps illuminate the glassless upstairs windows sufficiently for me to make out dozens of pigeons who now live here.
These are Shakespeare's "bare ruin'd choirs where late the sweet birds sang", with rows of gaping, glassless windows and the seven-light window on the west wall, standing erect like a huge pair of closed pincers.
It can take an hour to breathlessly reach the valley floor, where rectangular glassless windows frame endless views: a monk passes unheard, but in his wake leaves a line of tin-can prayer wheels slowly turning.