glass, lead

glass, lead,

n the lead-impregnated glass used in windows of control booths and in protective shields to protect clinicians when taking radiographs.
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On the basis of products, the medical radiation shielding market is segmented into Shields, Barriers, Booths, X-ray rooms, Sheet Lead, Lead Bricks, Lead Curtains, Lead Lined Doors and Windows, Lead Glass, Lead Lined Drywalls, Lead Lined Plywood, High Density Concrete Blocks, Lead Acrylic, and MRI Shielding Products.
Watches and purses were stolen along with a 96-piece crockery set, a looking glass, lead, tobacco, cress seeds, a spade, and a bell.
The dust cloud kicked up from the Twin Towers was a mixture of toxic debris: pulverized concrete, jet fuel, plus tiny bits of glass, lead and asbestos, to name but a few ingredients.
Electronics also contain small amounts of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper and platinum that are in finite supply, along with plastic, glass, lead and other metals.
Request for registration of suppliers to supply different type chemicals, coating materials & varnishes, also different chemicals including acids, anodes, aluminum surfaces polishers, detergents, vinol powders among others, thermal insulators, glass wool, rock wool & silicon rubber insulators, printed security glass, transparent & dark glass, lead, zinc, polisher for aluminum, phosphate solutions, printing inks to use on stainless steel & bakelite surfaces, also lube oil & greases for engines & vehicles.
The aim of the final rule is to prevent inclusion of the wrong ingredients, too much or too little of a dietary ingredient, contamination by substances such as natural toxins, bacteria, pesticides, glass, lead and other heavy metals, as well as improper packaging and labeling.
After the repeal of the Stamp Act, the newly passed Townshend Act taxed colonists on imported glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea.
In terms of the type of material used to produce glassware, the market is split into three sectors: soda lime glass, lead glass and heat-resistant glass.
The doors with crooked, cranky glazing splashed with stained glass, lead across a glass-floored foyer and into the dining room and the warm welcome of an open log fire.
The market for glassware may be divided into the categories of soda lime glass, lead glass and heat-resistant glass, and it includes both functional products (e.