glacial acetic acid

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gla·cial a·ce·tic ac·id

contains 99% absolute acetic acid; a caustic for removal of corns and warts.

glacial acetic acid

a clear, colorless liquid or crystalline substance (CH3COOH) with a pungent odor. It is obtained by the destructive distillation of wood, by oxidation of acetylene and water by air, or by the oxidation of ethyl alcohol by aerobic bacteria, as in the production of vinegar. Glacial acetic acid is strongly corrosive and potentially flammable, having a low flash point. It is miscible in alcohol, ether, glycerol, and water and is used as a solvent for organic compounds. Also called vinegar acid.

acetic acid

constituent of some antimycotic paints
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0 with glacial acetic acid when assayed with VITROS Chemistry Products CREA Slides.
Dubowski * o-Toluidine, 6% (v/v) in glacial acetic acid, is used to determine glucose in biologic material after deproteinization with 3% (w/v) trichloracetic acid.
Solutions for TLC development of the basic drugs included TLC developing solution (30 mL of methanol, 15 mL of water, 870 mL of ethyl acetate), TD A-1 (25 mL of 37% formaldehyde), TD A-2 (250 mL of concentrated sulfuric acid), and TD A-3 (modified Dragendorff's reagent--add 10 mL of glacial acetic acid to Ansys-supplied proprietary vial of potassium iodide/iodine/bismuth subnitrate and dilute with deionized water to a volume of 250 mL).
Table 103: Chinese Glacial Acetic Acid Market (2005-2007):
Glacial acetic acid was obtained from Sigma Chemicals, USA; aspirin and glucose were obtained from Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Table 102: Chinese Glacial Acetic Acid Market (2005-2007): Imports and Exports in '000 US$ (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-49
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