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Whenever the idea was brought before the City Council during more rosy fiscal times, it was pretty much given the bum's rush.
THONGS have been given the bum's rush as women go back to what granny knew was best - big pants.
The irony is that Keane and Ferguson - two men who have always taken belligerent pride in shaming the devil with their unvarnished version of the truth - curtailed their extraordinarily successful partnership with one of those mealy-mouthed 'mutual decision' smokescreens usually employed to reduce embarrassment all round when a shifty politician or crooked executive is given the bum's rush.
Journalists from the other national newspapers who turned up in midweek to do colour pieces and previews were given the bum's rush.
ELTON John has been given the bum's rush by school heads in Atlanta after they objected to erotic photos in an exhibition he's mounting there.
His petitions were given the bum's rush by the council, though, as councilors argued that renaming the street would create an inconvenience and place a financial burden on the businesses located on it.
The Third Division strugglers sealed a sponsorship deal with ASDA last week that brought them their briefs for a game that saw East Stirling given the bum's rush as the Highlanders broke their horror sequence of 10 league defeats in a row.
But because those self-imposed standards have slipped slightly in recent months - a trend perhaps not entirely unconnected with the fact that several of his prime players were laid up with injuries or dreaming of World Cup glory - he was given the bum's rush.