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People like that should be given the bum's rush," Baker says.
That one failed but this one didn't and in late 2003 the developers were given the bum's rush and told by the city planners to build around it.
I'd been given the bum's rush when I ordered a pernod and creme de menthe.
Here's a lad who dreamed of serving the community, but who has been given the bum's rush because of something that might happen 25 years down the line.
THIS is the moment DUP leader and Free Presbyterian Church boss Ian Paisley was given the bum's rush.
We Christians haven't taken part in such worship since Jesus' first followers were given the bum's rush from the Jerusalem temple shortly after his death and resurrection.
Whenever the idea was brought before the City Council during more rosy fiscal times, it was pretty much given the bum's rush.