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In addition, separate analyses for each species were fitted as we detected great variation in germination between species in response to addition of gibberellic acid.
paradoxus seed stored at 38[degrees]C would germinate unless treated with gibberellic acid.
in addition to planting in the sand:sphagnummoss mixture in trays, seeds subjected to gibberellic acid and 0.
Response of juvenile Pseudopanax crassifolius to gibberellic acid and paclobutrazol.
The effect of chlormequat chloride (CCC) application at the bolting stage on the flowering and seed production of lettuce plants previously treated with water or gibberellic acid (GA3).
Scott & Sons and higher than expected sales of Gibrel(TM) gibberellic acid in Latin America.
Gibberellic acid did not have a significant effect on germination compared to the deionized water, whereas scarification with concentrated [H.
These compounds were found to raise the total amount of enzyme synthesized, as well as the amount released into the medium, to nearly the same levels obtainable when the seeds are incubated in gibberellic acid ([GA.
Some years ago, Greany got the idea to try gibberellic acid (GA) as a fruit fly defense after another scientist demonstrated that the compound reduces postharvest decay in oranges.
The company also announced tiDyne was unable to secure a short-term supply of EPA registered gibberellic acid for the U.
The decreased cytokinin and gibberellic acid (GA3) and increased abscisic acid contents observed in salt-stressed plants led to the suggestion that salt stress induces changes in water relations and membrane permeability.