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The practice of writing a ‘sponsored’ manuscript for a renowned scientist or physician
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com)-- Delaware author and ghostwriter John Riddle will offer a Ghostwriting Course to anyone who is interested in learning how to break into the lucrative field of ghostwriting.
The free event is being conducted by Andrea Susan Glass, an expert copyeditor and award-winning ghostwriter along with Debra Ward, a marketing consultant.
March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Writers, ghostwriters, editors, and industry experts will convene at Ghostwriters Unite at the Hilton Hotel in Long Beach, California on May 3, 4, 5, 2013 to discuss critical issues impacting today's most in-demand, yet least-validated freelance writers: the historically invisible scribes behind such famous authors as Alexander Dumas, Ben Franklin, Hillary Clinton, and James Patterson as well as scores of today's novelists, memoir writers and "expert" authors.
28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Announcing that Majorspot, the developer of Ghostwriter Notes, has released the latest update for iPad users.
Ferris's ghostwriter, Reg Mackay, said: "Paul doesn't like a lot of the contemporary crime fiction around.
In that campaign, Philip Morris first sought to hide its role by serving as the secret ghostwriter for materials distributed in opposition to the ballot measure by other groups such as the Korean American Grocers Association.
July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Author and ghostwriter Foster Winans, chief creative officer of Winans Kuenstler Publishing, LLC (http://www.
O'Callaghan, who lives at a secret address, told the hearing at Dublin High Court he had fallen out with the book's ghostwriter Cathy Johnson - wife of Sunday Times deputy editor Liam Clarke - over its content.
Sure, Fred might be the author of this great novel, but his wife of 52 years is the ghostwriter.
Moderator Robin Quinn, herself a successful ghostwriter, will lead a fast-paced program that will explore the where, how and why -- and why not -- of ghosting, including a look at the skills required to be a successful phantom writer.
She's a master at both character and plot - perhaps not surprising as, in her other life, she's Katie Price's ghostwriter.
Honored by the Television Arts and Sciences for his contribution to the success of the Academy's Anti-Drug Special for Children, Berry has served as an advisor to a variety of television programs including Captain Kangaroo, Fraggle Rock, Ghostwriter and Barney and Friends.