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1. A formal set of procedures for conducting an activity.
2. An ordered list of instructions directing a computer to carry out a sequence of operations required to solve a problem or process data.
3. A planned learning activity for patients, providers, or others involved in health care.
Synonym(s): programme.

program, programme

a planned course of action, e.g. herd health program, production program.

public program
a disease control program available to all members of the public, e.g. rabies control, tuberculosis eradication.
whole farm program
one which takes into account all of the enterprises on a farm and presents a financial accounting of the farm as a whole.
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But the post-bankruptcy GM is not just getting with the program, it is stamping its name above the fold.
So why is it that Brazil's consumers are not, as they say, getting with the program here?
I thought people would react ambivalently toward him, that they'd only begrudgingly support him, because he's prickly, and he's not getting with the program.