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Australasian Collaborative Research on Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Study. A population-based survey based on the acute version of the English (Australia/New Zealand) short-form questionnaire, which identified all the cases of aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage that occurred in 4 Australasian centres—Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Auckland—at staggered intervals during 1995–1998, assessing health-related quality of life; of 432 patients registered in ACROSS, 242 were alive at followup, 189 were interviewed; survivors reported decreased vitality and ability to participate in social roles because of physical problems, despite physical functioning comparable to the general population
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He urged Symposium participants to "constantly renew your contact with Congress" to make sure the sugar industry's message gets across.
Joe Davies, the council's local nature reserves officer, said: "Children can be as creative or as simple as they like - all I'm looking for is a poster that gets across the message of what local nature reserves are all about.
School students feel very strongly that this war is wrong and we want to make sure that message gets across.
As Mr Betts says, this is put down to a lack of a powerful, highly visible spin doctor at the Assembly itself, such as Alastair Campbell at Number 10, to make sure that the message gets across.
By combining their efforts, NRC director Jim Gale is hoping that "racing's message gets across to our potential workforce".