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Its course on crime and abuse against the elderly offers information on developing and implementing a law enforcement gerontologist program and communicating with the elderly.
The Hartford's "Advance 50 Team" of gerontologists offers a free booklet about how to plan for a disaster and recover in the aftermath.
Gerontologist Dr Karen Weatherby explains that sexual desire leads to better blood circulation meaning improved health.
Brian Garavaglia, PhD, is a long-term care administrator in Ferndale, Michigan, and a gerontologist specializing in dementia and addictions in older adults.
Whether this change in bone density would translate into reduced risk of fractures isn't clear, says gerontologist Alvin Matsumoto of the University of Washington in Seattle, who worked on the study.
Bogart is a psychotherapist, gerontologist, octogenarian and author of "Your Assumptions: How They Control Your Life and What To Do About Them.
When Leonard first arrived about four years ago, one of the first things he did was apologize to everyone for taking up their time,'' said Miller, a gerontologist and geriatric care manager.
According to a leading gerontologist, "Our older population's greatest fear is not death, but is the fear of the quality of life in their later years.
Added Stephanie Chappell, corporate financial gerontologist and part of The Hartford's Advance 50 Team, "Women's worry is well placed.
But by altering certain genes, gerontologist have been able to keep some of these worms sleek and vibrant for much longer than normal.
Roge's Managing Director, Rosanne Grande is a Certified Financial Planner(R) with two additional professional designations: (1) Certified Senior Advisor from the CSA Board and (2) Registered Financial Gerontologist(SM) from the American Institute of Financial Gerontologists.