Etymology: word element, [Gr.]
old age; the aged.
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Furthermore, the relieving nature of adaptive humor may buffer the negative effects of stress and it is a valuable source of enhancing self-esteem and stimulating relationships (Astedti-Kurki and Isola, 2001; Bauer and Geront, 1999; Beck, 1997; Johnson, 2002).
2005), and can cause discomfort to the patient (Bauer, Geront, & Huynh, 2001).
On a psychological level, use of humor is beneficial in promoting relationships, increasing self-esteem and relieving stress and anxiety (Astedt-Kurki & Isola, 2001; Bauer & Geront, 1999; Beck, 1997; Buffum & Brod, 1998; Johnson, 2002; Moran & Massan, 1999; Savage & Canody, 1999; Sheldon, 1996).
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