An alkaloid that occurs in Veratrum and Zygandenus species. The drug, like veratrine and veratridine, induces repetitive discharges in nerve cells, seemingly because of derangements in sodium channel function.
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US researcher Dr Laura Germine, from Harvard University, said: "The types of environments that are important are not those that are shared by those who grow up in the same family, but are much more subtle and individual, potentially including things such as one's unique, highly personal experiences with friends or peers, as well as social and popular media.
In an online cognitive and perceptual experiment by Germine et al.
Dans ce panorama, ont germine dans la conscience collective les stereotypes et manifestations d'orgueil, d'arrogance et de mepris a l'egard du Maroc et de sa nation.
beaucoup moins que] Je suis venue pour ne pas permettre que quelqu'un dise que les femmes n'ont pas de voix [beaucoup plus grand que], a assure Germine Guirguis.
faces--a task that requires recognition of general visual patterns--hits a high point at ages 23 to 24, a team led by psychology graduate student Laura Germine of Harvard University reports in an upcoming issue of Cognition.
Specialized face-processing in the brain may require an extended period of visual tuning during early adulthood to help individuals learn and recognize lots of different faces," Discovery News quoted Laura Germine of Harvard University, as saying.
Dr Germine, a veiled young woman with oversized sunglasses, introduced herself and told me that I would have to ride in an ambulance to the fever hospital of Abasya where they would "investigate" if I had swine flu.
Asil risk faktorunun lokosit sayisinin dusuklugu oldugu bilinmektedir cunku granulositler inhale edilen sporlarin germine olmasini engellemektedir.
behind baahs (from left) Gail and Gary Germine and Janette Scott inspect the sheep
I would also like to thank, for feedback and discussions, Christine Diehl, Patti Schank, Marcelle Siegel, Laura Germine, Anna Thanukos, Janek Nelson, Jennifer Garcia de Osuna, Ed Munnich, Jeanne Weidner, Todd Shimoda, Sarah Brem, and the other members of the Reasoning Group of the University of California, Berkeley.
Price complained of tonsillitis on arriving and lost 3&2 against veteran ex-Welsh captain John Germine.